Standards Development in Action

As a coordinating body, SCB helps streamline the standards advancement process by driving momentum, aligning stakeholder efforts, and helping projects overcome obstacles.

The case studies featured below demonstrate how organizations are advancing standards to benefit the broad regenerative medicine community.

Autologous Cell and Tissue Therapy Labeling Standards

Vineti is working with SCB and industry stakeholders to address challenges surrounding autologous cell and tissue therapy labeling with more robust and specific standards.

Counting Colony Forming Units

The Cleveland Clinic developed a novel technique for automating colony forming unit counting and worked to create a standard around it for the regenerative medicine community.

Cryopreservation of Cells

Pluristyx initiated a standard development effort with support from SCB to help develop a set of common cryopreservation best practices for the regenerative medicine community.

Rapid Microbial Testing Methods

Dr. Rodney Rietze (iVexSol) and Dr. Spencer Hoover (CCRM) are spearheading a project to develop an ISO standard that can help companies validate RMTMs more efficiently.

Reference Material for Human Adenovirus 5

ISBiotech helped lead a working group of more than 30 experts to rapidly develop a viral gene vector reference material for Human Adenovirus 5 (Ad5).