Standards 101

Standards terminology and the standards advancement process have a great deal of nuance that can be disorienting for those new to the topic. For those that are new to standards, SCB has assembled the following helpful introductory resources.

Standards Terminology.jpg

Standards Terminology

Get a better understanding of key standards terms and the differences between closely related concepts that can help make it easier to participate in standards advancement

Benefits of Standards.jpg

Benefits of Standards

Learn how standards development can help overcome complex challenges and benefit stakeholders throughout the regenerative medicine community

Case Studies.jpg

Case Studies

See standards development in action—this series of case studies demonstrates how organizations are advancing standards to benefit the regenerative medicine community

Organizations Developing Standards.jpg

Organizations Developing Standards

Learn about the five different kinds of organizations that develop standards

Guides and Regulations.jpg

Guidance and Regulations

Learn more about the differences between guidance documents and regulations issued by federal agencies

Relevant Publications and Printables.jpg

Relevant Publications and Printables

Access publications and printables—including fact sheets, brochures, and reports—from both SCB and other organizations in the regen med community