Working Groups

SCB’s projects and initiatives are organized and advanced within a set of working groups focused on four regenerative medicine fields. Each working group seeks to identify and assess needs for standards or best practices that can support advances in enabling technologies and infrastructure, clinical development, and commercialization.

Cell-Based Drug Discovery

Cell-based drug discovery uses live cells in pharmaceutical research to study diseases and suboptimal cell function and to test potential treatment compounds in the laboratory for safety and efficacy.

Cell Therapy

In the field of cell therapy, living cells are administered to a patient as a method for treating disease or other health conditions. These cells are either sourced from the patient (autologous cells) or from another individual (allogeneic cells).

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy involves the use of a vector (viral or non-viral) to insert a new copy of a gene or relevant nucleotide sequence into a patient’s cells to either correct or enhance the deleted or defective version that is causing a disease or health condition.

Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is the process of combining scaffolds, cells, and/or biologically active molecules for the production of functional tissues.