Regenerative Medicine Standards in Development Updates: ASTM

Technical Program Manager Kelly Sauerwein recently attended the ASTM Committee F04 on Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices meeting in Denver, where she discussed the status of SCB-coordinated projects and gathered valuable community input and updates on regenerative medicine standards. Below are highlights from the meeting.

SCB-Coordinated ASTM Standard Projects

  • Sampling Methods of Tissue Engineered Medical Products (TEMPs) for Sterility Assurance in TEMPs (SCB-coordinated project): Recommended to become a new work item (WK). The project is expected to be submitted for approval as a WK by the end of summer 2019.

  • ASTM WK65476: New Guide for Characterizing Fiber-Based Constructs for Tissue Engineered Medical Products (SCB-coordinated project): Discussed at the meeting and will be revised and submitted for ballot in September.

  • ASTM WK65680: New Test Methods for Printability of Bioinks and Biomaterial Inks (SCB-coordinated project): A draft was presented at the meeting and is currently being revised. It is expected to be submitted for ballot soon.

Additional In-Development ASTM Standards

  • ASTM WK55364: Practice for Quantifying Cell Proliferation in 3D-Scaffolds by a Non-Destructive Method: This standard is currently in ballot at the subcommittee level until August 8.

  • ASTM WK57514: Guide for Evaluating Extracellular Matrix Decellularization: This standard is currently in ballot concurrently at the committee and subcommittee levels until August 12.

  • ASTM F2900-2011: Guide for Characterization of Hydrogels used in Regenerative Medicine: This standard is due for revision/renewal and must be balloted to F04 committee by November 1 and approved by December 31 or it will be withdrawn. A technical contact and expert input are still needed. Please contact SCB to get involved in this project.

Get Involved

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Calling All SDOs: Contact SCB if you have any updates on regenerative medicine standards you would like us to share with the regenerative medicine community.