ASTM - F04 - Division IV - Tissue Engineered Medical Products

  • F04.41 - Classification and Terminology for TEMPs

  • F04.42 - Biomaterials and Biomolecules for TEMPs

  • F04.43 - Cells and Tissue Engineered Constructs for TEMPs

  • F04.44 - Assessment for TEMPs

  • F04.45 - Adventitious Agents Safety

  • F04.46 - Cell Signaling

ASTM F04 is seeking input on selected topics for current standards under development (listed below). If you would like to participate in these efforts, please get in touch with the appropriate committee chair or technical contact. 

  • ASTM WK57514 - New Guide for Evaluating Biomaterial Decellularization Processes

  • ASTM WK55364 - New Practice for Quantifying Cell Proliferation in 3D-Scaffolds by a Non-Destructive Method

  • ASTM WK16591 - New Guide for Guide for the In Vivo Assessment of Bone Inductive Materials


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